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The Gold Standard for Test and Tagging

Discover unparalleled safety and peace of mind with top-tier test and tag services in the heart of the Gold Coast. We uphold the gold standard of safety, ensuring that wherever you are—be it a café, construction site, workplace, or your own residential home—you’re in a protected environment.

For the best test and tag Gold Coast has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. Our Gold Coast test and tag services specialise in electrical testing to keep you safe. With regular testing by our experienced technicians, we ensure your electrical equipment and appliances meet all safety standards before problems arise. Don’t gamble with your safety – contact us today to schedule Gold Coast’s top electrical testing and safety inspection services.

Our Test and Tag Services

Electrical Appliances Testing and Tagging

We keep your kitchen gadgets and portable electrical appliances safe and functional. Regular testing of electrical equipment helps catch issues before they become problems, maintaining a consistent safety standard.

Power Outlet Testing and Tagging

We make sure your power outlets and safety switches are tested and in optimum condition to ensure compliance and prevent potential hazards. Electrical testing in this area is especially crucial for preventing accidents and electrical fires.

Business & Office Equipment Testing and Tagging

We ensure your office equipment and electrical items are compliant with all safety regulations, making your workspace safe from electrical risks. When you think of Testing and Tagging, think of an office that's undergone a comprehensive electrical test for safety.

Construction Equipment Testing and Tagging

We specialise in testing and tagging for construction sites, ensuring that our electrical testing creates an environment that fully meets safety standards.

Data and Telecommunication Testing and Tagging

With our testing and tagging services, we make sure your data and communication lines are secure and optimal, adhering to strict electrical testing standards to ensure smooth data flow.

Emergency & Exit Light Testing and Tagging

For the most reliable emergency and exit light test and tag on the Gold Coast, look no further. We test to ensure you're prepared for the unexpected.

Why Sweat When You Can Test?

Test and Tag Gold Coast

When it comes to test and tag on the Gold Coast, we are the community’s trusted go-to solution for eliminating electrical faults. We provide testing, we install tags, and you stay safe. Our service is an easy way to save money and ensure a zap-free environment across Australia and Queensland. Additionally, our comprehensive electrical testing services extend to commercial and industrial enterprises, guaranteeing the same high level of safety by inspecting equipment like safety switches across different settings.

Streamlined Electrical Testing and Tagging Work

When you're looking for streamlined test and tag on the Gold Coast, we've got you covered. Whether it's for a workplace, home, or specialised location, we employ an easy, yet effective, two-step method. First, we conduct a thorough yet swift examination of your electrical equipment to confirm they're both safe and operational. Then, we attach a tag, clearly noting the safety status and the date of the inspection.

The ABCs of Our Electrical Test and Tag Process

Navigating electrical safety is easier than you think. With our Test and Tag service, we remove the complexities and risks tied to electrical equipment and appliances.

We're committed to ensuring the safety of homes and businesses across the Gold Coast. We handle testing of all types of equipment to keep your workplace safe, this includes: plug in electrical equipment tools, computers, kitchen appliances & much more.

Safety Businesses in Australia Can Trust

Why test and tag equipment? Electrical mishaps should have no place in your personal or business space. Our service is designed to virtually eliminate these risks. When you opt for our Test and Tag, you're not just checking a box; you're elevating your environment to new safety standards. Take your first step to a shock-free life, schedule your Test and Tag inspection today and let us turn your electrical concerns into confidence.

What's the Plus in Choosing Us?

No Shocks Here!

Just Glowing Reviews from Our Clients

Prompt, reliable, and thorough — that's how I'd describe the team. I trust them to ensure my cafés electrical equipment is always up to scratch. Thanks guys!!

Emily B Broadbeach

A professional test team through and through. They made the whole electrical test and tag process incredibly straightforward. They tested a few smoke alarms in my house and now I can sleep easy knowing my home's a safer place. Highly recommend their services.

Sarah C Burleigh Heads

The technicians who came to test the electrics in our home were friendly and efficient. They explained everything in simple terms and didn't seem bothered by my many questions!

Bobby V Oxenford

The crew tested all the power tools, extension cords and lighting on my construction site. I appreciate that they take safety seriously but don't hassle me with red tape.

Ryan, Builder Yatala

Greg turned up on time and worked through tagging everything on our property. He fitted me in last minute and got everything done with minimal disruption

Suzanna G Southport

Don't Get Zapped

Get Your Items Tested & Tagged

Electrical mishaps don’t wait for an invitation—they happen when you least expect them. That’s why our Test and Tag services are not just a service, but an assurance. With us, you don’t just prevent problems, you buy peace of mind. So if you’re looking for a reliable and professional test and tag company on the Gold Coast, look no further.

With our rigorous process, we set the standard for test and tag in the Gold Coast community. Join the growing community of Gold Coast residents who have already switched to a safer, worry-free environment with our comprehensive Test and Tag services. Don’t let electrical hazards dim your shine or shock your system. Get back to focusing on what really matters—you!

Frequently Asked Questions

With decades of combined experience amongst our technicians, we have performed thousands of test and tags across the Gold Coast. Our Testing & Tagging process is meticulous, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to safety compliance on the Gold Coast. These procedures are governed by the Australian Standard. For a standard home, we usually complete the testing and tagging in 1-2 hours. Larger commercial sites require more time depending on the size and number of electrical devices on site. Our efficient teams aim to conduct testing as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

In Australian homes, we test familiar items like appliances, power outlets, switches, safety switches, lighting, smoke alarms and more. For businesses and industrial sites, we expand our inspection and testing to equipment like machines, power tools, RCDs, extension cords, IT racks and anything else electrical. We tag items to confirm they have passed testing.

Worksafe Queensland mandates test and tag frequencies for electrical equipment based on factors like the environment and risk level. For example, amusement rides must be tested every 6 months or after each on-site assembly, while office equipment requires testing every 5 years if protected by a safety switch. We keep up-to-date with all regulations to ensure the right test and tag intervals:

Amusement devices and rides are tested every 6 months or after each onsite assembly.

Double insulated amusement equipment is tested every 12 months.

Construction and manufacturing tools are tested every 3-6 months.

Office equipment is tested every 5 years (or more frequently without a safety switch).

Rural equipment used under stated risk factors is tested every 12 months if no safety switch.

By adhering to government-regulated testing schedules, customers can trust we will identify electrical faults early on across various equipment and workplaces. We will make sure that your home or business will remain compliant with the latest safety standards and legal requirements. Staying compliant means you avoid safety incidents, legal problems and business disruptions down the track.
Staying compliant means you avoid safety incidents, legal problems and business disruptions down the track.

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