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For expert industrial test and tag, Gold Coast residents rely on our licensed technicians to provide expert industrial test and tag services, ensuring their workplaces meet the highest electrical safety standards and compliance regulations.

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Complete Electrical Safety Compliance Across Industrial Settings

We specialise in bespoke workplace safety solutions, delivering reliable test and tag services tailored for diverse business environments – from industrial plants and warehouses to retail stores and offices. Our expertise focuses on testing all electrical equipment and machinery on your site, ensuring it adheres to Australian safety standards and Worksafe QLD compliance regulations. This involves methodically inspecting each device, tagging those that pass with details like test date, results, and next scheduled inspection.

We pride ourselves on providing complete electrical safety guidance specially adapted to the unique needs of industrial settings across the Gold Coast and beyond. Partnering with us means gaining peace of mind through certified inspections by a trusted team that upholds safety as the utmost priority. Get in touch to learn more about our customised approach and testing and tagging on the Gold Coast.

Our Industrial Test & Tag Services

Electrical Testing and Tagging

Electrical test and tagging is the process of testing the safety of portable electrical appliances. We help you maintain a safe work environment by rigorously testing all your electrical appliances and tagging them for easy future identification.

Ensuring your workplace's safety starts with regular testing of portable electrical appliances and conducting thorough electrical safety inspections. Our services include exit light testing and safety switch testing, crucial for maintaining a secure environment.

Machinery Testing

Beyond just appliances, workplace health relies on the safe operation of heavier machinery. Our comprehensive approach includes electrical tests to detect any electrical faults before they lead to accidents.

Industrial machinery, if not properly tested and maintained, could be hazardous. We offer machinery testing services to confirm they adhere to safety and Australian standards.

Fire Equipment Testing

Fire safety is non-negotiable. Our fire equipment testing services ensure your fire safety measures are up to code, especially critical in settings that store or utilise flammable materials.

Comprehensive Compliance Testing

Depending on your industry and the nature of your business, you may require various types of compliance testing, and we've got you covered.

  • Safety Testing: For assessing shock, fire, and mechanical hazards.
  • Australian Standards Compliance: To help you meet all legal requirements.
  • Environmental Impact Testing: Evaluate emissions, noise, and vibrations of your electrical equipment.

Safety Testing and Compliance

Adhering to safety regulations isn't just about avoiding fines—it's about ensuring every piece of office equipment requires testing to prevent potential hazards.

Why test? Because regular safety tests and electrical safety inspections are the backbone of a healthy workplace, ensuring every safety switch and device operates correctly to protect your team.

Why Choose Our Industrial Test and Tag Services?

Ensure all your electrical equipment is safe to use. Our team of expert test and tag technicians have the skills, equipment and experience to check all of your electrical equipment and safety switches and ensure that they are up to standard.

By identifying hazards through regular testing and safety switch testing, we help you create a safer workplace. This proactive approach is essential for minimising risks and promoting workplace health.

Our services ensure that your business meets all relevant safety regulations. From exit light testing to evaluating portable electrical appliances, we cover all bases to keep you compliant.

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Electrical Safety for Warehouses & Manufacturing Sites

Industrial sites require more than standard commercial test and tag services. Our offerings are specially tailored to complex manufacturing, warehouse, and plant environments – aligning testing protocols with equipment maintenance needs across your facilities.

By utilising our specialty industrial test and tag teams who live and breathe technical specifications, you ensure end-to-end regulatory compliance with an eye toward operational optimisation long-term. We become an integrated aspect of your safety and efficiency culture. Partnering with our experienced team means gaining customised Gold Coast test and tag services tailored to the unique needs of your industrial equipment and facilities. Contact us today to schedule a quote that’s focused on boosting safety compliance and efficiency at your manufacturing site, warehouse or plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Australian Worksafe laws legally require periodic test and tag services to adhere to standards like AS/NZS 3760. This compliance is compulsory to fulfil safety obligations for your workers. Our technicians conduct a comprehensive safety test on all electrical equipment to verify it meets compliance regulations.

Worksafe dictates testing frequencies based on equipment type and risk levels, including:

Amusement rides: Every 6 months
Construction tools: Every 6 months
Manufacturing machinery: Every 6 months if non-double insulated
Double insulated equipment: Every 12 months
Office electronics: Every 5 years (if no safety switch)
Rural equipment (under stated conditions): Every 12 months if no safety switch

We keep up to date with all regulations to recommend and perform test and tag services aligned to your workplace’s specific needs and equipment types while satisfying official compliance schedules. Contact us to review requirements tailored to your unique environment. Staying current on inspections minimises safety risks.

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